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Size (inches) Servings Price
8 10-20 £39.99
10 20-25 £49.99
12 25-30 £59.99
14 30-40 £79.99
16 40-50 £104.99
18 60-70 £124.99

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All of our Chocolate Cakes have three layer chocolate sponge in the middle with jam and chocolate cream in between the layers.

Free of charge on any chocolate cake you can mix and match. Your choice of chocolate or fruit decoration, white or chocolate cream on top, white or chocolate cream in the middle, white or chocolate pipping on the boarders, and chocolate sprinkles or nuts on the sides.

Vanilla Sponge is also available free of charge on any chocolate cake.

Vanilla Sponge available in stead of Chocolate or your choice of mixing the layers of sponge (e.g. mixing the three layers so they are Vanilla – Chocolate – Vanilla or Chocolate – Vanilla – Chocolate)