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Our Cake Slice Range

We have a Range of Delicious Cake Slices to choose from!
(Please Keep Fresh Cream Slices Refrigerated)

Classic Fresh Cream

Our original 100% Fresh Cream cake slice with fluffy eggless sponge. Topped with sliced fresh fruits.

Oreo Fresh Cream

Crushed Oreo and Fresh Cream Filling between fluffy eggless sponge. Finished with Oreo chunks and topped with Oreo biscuit.

Biscoff Fresh Cream

Biscoff and Fresh Cream filling between our delicious eggless marble sponge layers. Finished with nibbled hazelnuts, topped with Lotus biscuit.

Nutella Fresh Cream

Nutella Spread and Fresh Cream filling between our delicious eggless sponge layers. Finished with nibbled hazelnuts, topped with Ferrero Rocher.

Coconut Fresh Cream

Coconut and Jam filling with fluffy egg free vanilla sponge and Fresh Cream. Coconut finishing on the side with Rafaello and white chocolate decoration topping.

Chocolate Fresh Cream

Chocolate Fresh Cream cake slice with light eggless chocolate sponge. Chocolate sprinkles finishing with chocolate flake topping.

Black Forest Fresh Cream

Egg free chocolate sponge with cherry jam and fresh cream filling. Finished with chocolate sprinkles and topped with a glazed cherry and chocolate shavings.

We bake cakes for all occasions.

Freshly made egg and eggless birthday cakes, wedding cakes and cakes for any occasion.

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