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Size (inches) Servings Price
12 10-15 £38.99
14 20-25 £49.99
16 30-35 £63.99
18 40-50 £82.99

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This is our traditional hand made Paul’s Bakery fresh cream cake in a key shape. Made with 100% fresh dairy cream giving it a great unique taste. Topped with fresh fruit and and sides finished with a ribbon. This birthday cake is perfect for a landmark 18th or 21st birthday. Ribbon and writing can be personalised to suit your colour theme.

Internally, this cake consists of:

  • Fluffy Vanilla sponge
  • Mixed Fruit Jam
  • Fruits
  • Fresh Cream

This cake is available in your choice off Eggless and With Egg.

Our cakes contain no animal fat, gelatine or alcohol making them also suitable for halal cake consumers.